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If you request a call back, we will call you within 10 minutes.

We aim to quote within 10 minutes – we will let you know in the unlikely event that this is not going to be the case.

Your first call with us should take no more than 5 minutes.

We are one of very few independent services with direct access to all of the utility supply information needed to find out who your current supplier is and what your Supply Numbers are.

Quotes are provided with no obligation.

We monitor gas and electricity prices daily

If you ask us to arrange a contract, we will use every effort to ensure a smooth and successful transfer.

At the end of any contract that we have arranged, we will give you the best advice at that time (I.e. Whether to switch again or stay where you are)

The best bit is we will not charge you a single penny as we get a fee paid to us direct from the suppliers.

Electricity Facts:

Staff failing to switch off PCs whilst on holiday cost £5 million per annum.

Recent studies have shown that gadgets left on standby are responsible for 4m tones of excess carbon dioxide each year.

The Big 6 electricity suppliers have 94% of the market share.

Companies can save as much as 60% if they shop around at renewal time.

Less than 20% of businesses switch their electricity each year.

You can start shopping around for electricity 12 months in advance of your contract renewal date.

UK Electricity Source %
Coal 33.4
Natural Gas 39.3
Nuclear 20.6
Renewable 3.8
Other 2.9

Gas Facts:

Britain suffers from a shortage of storage, a lack of flexibility that causes high gas prices during periods of high winter demand.

The UK has 11 days of gas storage less than a third of counties in continental Europe.

The majority of British gas supplies come from Russia and Norway.
You can start shopping around for gas 12 months in advance of your contract renewal date.

British market is connected to mainland Europe by pipeline, where gas is priced on oil-based indices, not on spot markets.

Gas prices offered by the different business gas suppliers differs by as much as 60%